Whitening/Lightening Moisturiser

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  • Eclado Melaser Radiance Whitening Cream 70g
    A brightening cream formulated with bisabolol and proprietary ell-7 white to instantly bring natural radiance to the skin. Moisturizing properties of panthenol and beta-glucan help skin keep hydrated and maintain its healthy glow Formulated with ELL-7 White (Patent no.10-1666783), a proprietary b..
  • Eclado Melaser Turn Over Cream 50g
    Fruit-based AHAs gently exfoliate and help with skin cell turnover for a healthy and revitalized complexion. Formulated with Bisobolol to achieve bright skin tone and the proprietary ELL-6-Perfect to soothe and hydrate the skin. AHAs ingredients help accelerate skin turnover cycle, and alpha-bisa..
  • EmerginC Complexion Control 50 mL
    An active, lightweight, hydrating moisturizer with Alpaflor™ that helps to balance excess oil production and controls breakouts associated with problem skin. skin type: Oily, combination, or breakout-prone skin. skin care concerns: Breakouts, congested skin, excess oil. use: Morning a..
  • ECLADO Stem Cell Origin Cream 50g
    This skin regeneration cream provides anti-aging, anti-wrinkle and whitening-effect that are suitable for busy women. The anti-aging and anti hyperpigmentation product gives highest satisfaction by managing skin elasticity and whitening at the same time. Epidermal growth factors (EGF) and plant stem..
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