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  • Eclado Ginseno Triple Firming Cream 50g
    The nutritious concentrate formulation is firmly adhered to the skin, resulting in moist and shiny skin. Ginsenoside, E.G.F., Niacinamide and adenosine are mixed with anion water to help in skin whitening and reduce wrinkles. How to use: After your serum/essence step, pat in for absorption. ..
  • Nimue Day Moisturiser 50ml
    Nimue Day is a light textured day moisturiser containing a unique combination of active ingredients to hydrate, protect, restore and rejuvenate your skin. Containing AHAs and natural moisturising factors to gently soften and smooth the skin whilst vita..
  • Nimue Hyaluronic Oil 15ml
    Boosts skin firmness and reduces formation of lines and wrinkles. Instant and long-lasting hydration capacity. Holds moisture in the dermis. Prevents trans epidermal water loss. Provides intense nourishment and comfort. Description Nimue Hyaluronic Oil is an oil soluble Hyalu..
  • Eclado Cell Memory Cream 50g
    Younger looking skin is just a bounce away! This unique cream has a light pudding texture that, once scooped, smoothes itself out in the jar, much like it smoothes your skin. Epidermal Growth Factor which helps to stimulate the growth of the main building block of new skin, while hyaluronic acid inf..
  • Gernetic Marine Ger Lift 30ml
    Description Very efficient formula that reduces wrinkles caused by loss of dermal elasticity. Marine Ger-Lift assists fibroblasts to produce collagen.   Key Ingredients Palmitoyl pentapeptide – 3 with lysine-threonine-serine amino-acid chains. A biological compound obt..
  • Gernetic Nuclea Repairing Anti-age Cream 30ml
    Anti-Wrinkle Cream Nucléa reduces the depth of wrinkles and scars. Its exceptional regenerating actions stimulate basal cellular activity, dramatically reducing the depth of wrinkles and scars. Nucléa can also be used to reduce pigmentation relating to the ageing process and stop..
  • Murad InvisiScar Resurfacing Treatment 15ML
    Smooths and Blurs Imperfections Blemish scars are normal, but often more than skin deep (affecting emotional well-being). It’s all about improving skin positivity with this solution for every skin type and tone. Which skin type is it good for? Balanced Oily Combination Dry ..
  • Nimue Night 50ml
    Nimue Night is a rich night cream that helps to repair and prevent the visible signs of ageing overnight. This effective formulation works to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, increases cell turnover and regulat..
  • Gernetic Myo Myoso 30ml
    Description Tightening cream that corrects skin sagging and re-sculptures the oval of the face. Myo/Myoso provides nutritional elements that are essential for tight skin muscles.   Key Ingredients Very active biological compound of proteins including cysteine, methionine, orni..
  • Gernetic Symbiose 40ml
    Description Day & night cream Rich in amino acids, Symbiose moisturizes your skin and protects it from the sun thanks to its filters. Your skin is better protected to resist to all aggressions from the environment. Its extremely fine texture penetrates rapidly, leaving your face matt and r..
  • Eclado Snail Lifting Cream 50g
    Anti- wrinkle function – Contains Korean snail mucin ( undiluted) 20%. When chondroitin sulfate, which is a kind of Mucopolysacchatides inside of snail’s mucus, is provided skin could recover functions. It activates forming collagen and polysaccharide and get anti-aging effect. This c..
  • Gernetic Synchro 50ml
    Description Balances skin’s functions: oiliness as well as dryness conditions are normalized. Synchro has unrivaled anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, regenerating and healing capabilities.   Key Ingredients Biological compounds rich in glutamine, arginine, lysine and potass..
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