Pigmentation/Antioxidant and Brightening

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  • Eclado Shining V-C Serum 100ml
    Vitamin C protects skin with antioxidants, slows the production of melanin, which leads to dark spots, and boosts collagen synthesis. This serum stabilises ascorbic acid with a non-water formulation helps to absorb collagen and improves skin elasticity by using nano-technology with natural lecithin...
  • Nimue-TDS Hyperpigmented Skin 30ml
    Description The Nimue Hyperpigmented Skin Transdermal Solution evens out the skin tone by reducing the appearance of hyperpigmentation. It provides protection against the damaging effects of free radicals. Micro-encapsulated Vitamin C promotes a brighter complexion wit..
  • Nimue Fade Treatment 10ml
    Description Nimue Fade Treatment is an intense spot treatment for targeted use on sun and age spots. Formulated with concentrated ingredients to help even out skin tone and assist in reducing sun and age spots. Can be used on such areas as the face, neck, déc..
  • Eclado Rescuer Ampoule Filagen 3.5mlX10pcs
    The filagen ampoule is effective in treating wrinkles and has whitening functions. Contains 10,500ppm of Fillagen (A core complex accorporating Filaggrin activator that is very important for skin moisturizing and elasticity, with collagen), for concentrated elastic skin care. This ampoule is special..
  • Eclado Rescuer Ampoule Hydra Complex 3.5mlX10pcs
    The hydra complex ampoule is effective in treating wrinkles and has whitening functions. Contains Moist-7 Complex (septuple hyaluronic acid), for concentrated hydro care. Say goodbye to dryness with 7 types of hyaluronic acid, which can maintain skin moisture by pulling 300~1000 times more moisture ..
  • Eclado Rescuer Ampoule Multi Vitamin 3.5mlX10pcs
    Radiance vitamin ampoule containing multi vitamin compound ingredients, whitening functional ingredients called niacinamide and the core ingredients of vitamin will brighten the dark and dull skin and help with providing a healthy glow to the skin. Directions for use: After cleansing in the mo..
  • Eclado Rescuer Ampoule Cica Pore 3.5mlX10pcs
    The cica pore ampoule is effective in treating wrinkles and has whitening functions. Contains Centella Asiatica Extract + MultiEx BSASM Plus (Patent number 10-0812596) chemical patent for concentrated soothing care, which restores and regenerates broken skin barriers. This ampoule is specially desig..
  • Gernetic Depigmentant Serum 25ml
    Skin Clair Serum Pigmentation Spots Serum Skin Clair Concentrate eliminates tanned superficial cells and lightens pigmentation spots. The active ingredients to normalize the melanin production preventing and fading hyper-pigmented spots. The Skin Clair Concentrate contains extracts from the..
  • Eclado Melaser Whitening Serum 50ml
    Brightening Whitening Hydrating Moisturizing Nourishing Description A highly potent serum infused with Bisabolol and unique proprietary ELL-7 White to fight the look of dullness and instantly increase brightness, while deeply hydrating the skin for a perfect glow. Directions fo..
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