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  • Scientific Organics In Lips We Trust 15 mL
    A super nourishing, soothing, protective lip balm with natural oils, vitamin E, and powerful antioxidants.  skin type: All skin types. result: Powerful antioxidants help protect against free radical damage, while natural plant oils and waxes help to soften and nourish lips. ..
  • Tribe Makeup Removal Mitt
    Reusable - just add water to effortlessly remove your makeup before cleansing. ..
  • White Lotus Amethyst Crystal Comb
    Introducing this gorgeous Amethyst crystal hair comb that will make a wonderful addition to your daily beauty regime. It combines ancient crystal wisdom with modern elegance. This comb can be used daily or for special occasions as a bridal crystal comb. Crystal combs originate in the Far East. In..
  • White Lotus Amethyst Gua Sha
    Amethyst Gua Sha The Crystal Gua Sha are extensively been used for massaging the delicate skin of the face and body. They originate in the far east, and their use dates back centuries. A gentle massage using the Crystal Gua Sha on the skin can significantly reduce the wrinkles, tone the skin, lif..
  • White Lotus Amethyst Roller Double Headed
    The double-headed amethyst facial roller is a highly acclaimed, and unmatched crystal roller in terms of beauty and aesthetics. Amethyst clears the mind and improves concentration. The amythest roller increases lymphatic drainage, reduces puffiness and improves micro-circulation for cleaner younger ..
  • White Lotus Black Tourmaline Roller Double Headed
    Tourmaline Face Roller the Ultimate Tourmaline Roller The White Lotus Crystal Rollers are primarily designed for gentle massaging of the neck and the face. The energetic properties that crystals hold have been used from centuries to enhance and nourish beauty and health. Nowadays, crystal roll..
  • White Lotus Clear Quartz Face Roller
    Clear Quartz Face Roller - The Ultimate Clear Quartz Roller Clear Quartz is considered a master healing crystal. It is believed that it can rapidly transform energy, improving sleep and relieving headaches. Clear Quartz rollers should be hand carved and must never be chemically treated. They can ..
  • White Lotus Clear Quartz Gua Sha
    Gua Sha is a beauty and health system that dates back to ancient times. There were a number of crystals that were used in the past to perform this practice for health. However, the Crystal Gua Sha was primarily used by the most powerful and richest women in the ancient era. This trend has con..
  • White Lotus Dermastamp 1.0mm
    The White Lotus Dermastamp Been looking through a million dermstamp reviews and are not sure which dermastamp to buy? Look no further. The White Lotus Dermastamp is a very effective scar, pigmentation and hair loss reduction device which works by providing localised stimulation to a specific area..
  • White Lotus Gua Sha Jade Real Chemical Free Crystal
    Gua Sha Jade by White Lotus White Lotus use only the highest quality genuine nephrite jade crystal in their authentic jade gua sha tools. The crystal is hand carved and never chemically treated to preserve its natural qualities. Supplied in a beautiful silk lined it comes with our unique lifetime..
  • White Lotus Intensive Jade Roller
    The White Lotus Intensive Massage Roller can reduce or even eliminate time wasted at a spa. It's easy to use and can be used anytime and anywhere.  It works wonderfully well on your cheeks, forehead, neck, temples and around the eyes. It can reduce wrinkles and dark circles under your ey..
  • White Lotus Jade Body Comb & Jade Scalp Comb All in One
    Jade Body Comb & Jade Scalp Comb all in one The White Lotus Jade crystal comb is hand carved from genuine jade that is never chemically treated. Now you can use one finally crafted Jade crystal comb to enhance your hair and scalp and stimulate the acupuncture points across your entire body. ..
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